PARA  |  2019         Salon dryer chair, Sow Bladders, Light


from joel williams  |  2019        from joel williams is a fictionalization of my black family history that uses my father’s missing father as the starting point.


conditional pearls (I know why you don't call me anymore)  |  2019         Curtain, Projector, Fan, Electroplated Portrait, Sounds from East of Underground


Response Aggregate 1 & 2  |  2018-19         Miracle Whip, Plexiglass, Red Velvet, Mylar, Paper, Shrink Wrap, Mayonnaise, Rubber Bands (for hair), Studio Items


Chocolate  |  2017         Chocolate is a collection personal advertisements from Craigslist that each use the word “chocolate” to name and describe black women.


Found Color Photo  |  2017         Wood, sow bladder. All images were sourced from


WFH  |  2017         WFH, "Work From Home" was a daily routine that involved working within an assigned cubicle in an office constructed inside a bedroom. The routine was recorded with a motion-detecting, surveillance camera.


Paradise  |  2016-17         Los Angeles. San Francisco. Oakland. Phoenix.